Thursday, April 24, 2014

Golden Dreams

He's going east.
She's getting nowhere.
Until their dreams collide and a killer, land grant, and tornado throw them together on the California Trail.

Katy Gilbreth escapes the harsh saloon life with nothing but a wounded heart and scarred face. Vowing not to give up, she sets her sights on California where she can get away from the hauntings of the past and start over in a land full of Golden dreams. Katy trusts no man yet needs one to take her west.

Revelation Tarver is traveling east to reconcile with his father and God. Along the way, he has visions of a golden-haired woman with a scar on her cheek. But he has no plans to fall in love again. Then he stops for supplies in a nowhere town and sees Katy, the woman in his dreams.

Because of her past, Rev shuts his heart to Katy. After all, he’s been called by the Lord to preach, and he is headed east. Until a killer, land grant, and a tornado throw them together on the California trail. Katy and Rev embark on a journey where their dreams collide as they face the wild land, a wicked outlaw, and their own fears.

Sometimes you have to go through your past to reach your dreams.